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Ep. 23: What is Quantum Computing? with Tom Bromley

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

Tune in this week to learn about quantum computing and photonics with Tom Bromley. How will it revolutionize industries like pharma and finance, and why should you be interested?

Tom Bromley is a Theoretical Physicist who is currently at Xanadu developing quantum machine learning algorithms. He studied Physics in the UK and graduated with his PhD in 2017. Tom’s research topic was quantum information theory, focusing on how quantum properties such as entanglement can be measured and used.

  • 00:00:42 Introduction of Tom Bromley
  • 00:06:40 Business applications of quantum computing
  • 00:12:34 Pharma industry
  • 00:26:26 Why the big players don’t use photonics?
  • 00:35:57 Most interesting high levels operations of software
  • 00:39:00 How can businesses get involved with quantum computing?
  • 00:45:15 End of discussion

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