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Ep. 34: Speaking Up without Freaking out with Professor Matt Abrahams

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

Professor Matt Abrahams is a lecturer of Organizational Behaviour at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the Co-Founder of Bold Echo LLC, a company which is well experienced in coaching Silicon Valley executives and business professionals. Tune into today’s episode to learn on how the Rising star of the Management communication Association overcame anxiety, and walk through his journey of success with us!

  • 00:01:03 Introduction of Prof Matt Abrahams
  • 00:05:47 Speaking up without freaking out
  • 00:07:36 Why is he so passionate about communication?
  • 00:11:12 Advice for students who are anxious about communication
  • 00:14:44 Changing the frame of looking at things
  • 00:19:33 Founding Bold Echo
  • 00:22:16 Anxiety and one’s functionality
  • 00:26:48 Advice for the listeners regarding communication
  • 00:28:27 End of discussion

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