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Ep. 49: Overcoming Fears as an Entrepreneur with Stefany Nieto

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

This week we are thrilled to have Stefany Nieto on our show. 

Stefany Nieto is the Founder and Executive Director of Green Iglu, an award-winning food-security start-up that builds food production facilities in remote communities across Canada, including the Arctic. She is also the Co-founder and COO of Gwella which aims to build the most accessible and Promethean over-the-counter portfolio of mushroom products that amplify individual and community wellness.

Tune in to today’s episode to learn more about how she overcomes her fears as an entrepreneur.

  • 00:01:13 Introduction of Stefany Nieto
  • 00:02:08 Values that she lives by
  • 00:10:15 What is Green Iglu?
  • 00:15:50 Major milestones of Green Iglu
  • 00:18:49 Most interesting challenge she faced while building Green Iglu
  • 00:21:05 Motivating people and becoming a better leader
  • 00:23:57 Greatest lessons learnt while building Green Iglu
  • 00:29:43 Founding Gwella
  • 00:34:50 Connections between Green Iglu and Gwella
  • 00:39:31 End of discussion


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