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Ep. 15: Mano Kulasingam, Founder of Digiflare

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

Mano Kulasingam is a visionary tech-entrepreneur. His last venture, Digiflare, was focused on helping media companies deliver ground-breaking video service. Mano was pivotal in growing Digiflare to a company with over 120 employees. Through the 10 years that Mano dedicated to this company, Digiflare’s impressive client roster grew to include Disney, NBC, CNN, HBO and Sony, and more.

Tune in to hear about Mano’s journey finding product-market-fit, the lessons he learned through the process, and his advice on how to cultivate a resilient culture.

  • 00:00:35 Introduction of Mano Kulasingam
  • 00:02:45 Experiences that shaped his life
  • 00:05:22 Ideas that failed
  • 00:13:58 What information should we share with our stakeholders?
  • 00:17:00 How to ensure transparency when offices are remote
  • 00:19:42 How Covid-19 affects digital media
  • 00:24:35 End of discussion

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