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Ep. 40: Hacking Climate Change through Mobility with Dr. Beiker

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

Dr. Sven Beiker is a Stanford Graduate School of Business Lecturer where he instructs students on strategies for startups and corporations in the field of automated, connected, electrified, and shared mobility. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of Silicon Valley Mobility, a consulting and advisory firm which helps demystify mobility trends. Dr. Beiker brings to bear his over 20 years of experience gained during his tenure at the BMW Group, Stanford University, and McKinsey & Company.

Tune in to learn about where the automotive industry has gone, where it’s heading, and where it needs to go.

  • 00:00:46 Introduction of Dr Beiker
  • 00:04:52 Inspiration from Mercedes and Porsche
  • 00:09:36 Staying in control of one’s destiny
  • 00:12:25 Alleviating climate change pollution
  • 00:14:10 Automated mobility and its future
  • 00:18:44 Impact of automated mobility on society
  • 00:23:07 Covid and its impacts on the society
  • 00:26:24 How shifts in the automotive industry will impact the climate changes
  • 00:35:50 Advices to Uber and Lift
  • 00:44:52 Aligning business incentives with consumer incentives
  • 00:46:10 Advices on how we can contribute towards alleviating climate changes and accidents¬†
  • 00:49:12 End of discussion

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