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Ep. 46: Financing Higher Education with Suzanne Tyson

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

Suzanne Tyson is the Founder and CEO of Higher Ed Points, an organization that helps students fund their higher education through loyalty points. Prior to this she has held roles in educational publishing companies and in the loyalty industry. 

Tune into today’s episode to learn more about how you can support the higher education goals of your loved ones.

  • 00:00:59 Introduction of Suzanne Tyson
  • 00:02:54 Her hobbies and pastimes 
  • 00:08:09 How does Higher Ed Points work? 
  • 00:11:33 Journey towards founding Higher Ed Points
  • 00:24:10 Marketing techniques of Higher Ed Points
  • 00:28:24 What she would do with a Million dollars?
  • 00:33:42 End of discussion


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