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Ep. 52: Connecting People Beyond Differences with Suba Umathevan

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

This week we are thrilled to have Suba Umathevan on our show. 

Suba Umathevan is the CEO of DROSOS Foundation which is at the forefront of supporting projects and promoting life skills of disadvantaged children and young people.  With over 5 years of experience as the CEO of Plan International Switzerland, her focus was on children’s rights and quality for girls. 

Tune in to this weeks’ episode to learn more about connecting people beyond our differences.

  • 00:00:57 Introduction of Suba Umathevan
  • 00:15:49 Challenges she faced and how she overcame these challenges
  • 00:23:15 Transitioning into a new leadership role during a pandemic
  • 00:25:32 How has the pandemic impacts the vulnerable population
  • 00:30:06 Partnerships and DROSOS Foundation
  • 00:33:08 Best memories of her journey
  • 00:44:11 End of discussion


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