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Ep. 42: Choosing Who You Want to Be with BE Alink

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

This week we are thrilled to have BE Alink on our show.

Alinker’s inventor, Be Alink aims to connect people with each other by creating meaningful social contacts through which people can engage based on who we are as humans.

She is also the founder of BeAlinker family farm that promotes a healthy life by building a community for people who are isolated and dismissed due to disabilities.

Tune in this week to learn more about Alinker, a vehicle for social change.

  • 00:00:54 Introduction of BE Alink
  • 00:03:12 Her childhood
  • 00:10:50 Language and its importance
  • 00:13:13 Invention of Alinker
  • 00:18:58 How Alinker helps increase mobility?
  • 00:24:55 Marketing the Alinker
  • 00:29:01 How the Alinker farm came into being?
  • 00:33:25 What products are grown in the Alinker farm?
  • 00:39:02 How to build a world we’d rather live in?
  • 00:45:41 Identifying the root causes of problems
  • 00:49:36 How to identify connections between people and things?
  • 00:52:23 End of discussion

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