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Ep. 18: Anjalee Narenthiren, Founder of StartupDojo

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

This week’s guest is Anjalee Narenthiren. She is a 17-year-old serial-entrepreneur, world-robotics champion, and host of the 2020 show. She is a VEX robotics world champion, having beat out 20,000+ international teams. When she was just fifteen, she founded her first venture, TechExplore, a social enterprise that brought tech education to over 1000 kids, and was featured in publications like the Toronto Star, Thompson Reuters, and more. Now Anjalee is working to use her experiences as a young founder to help train the next generation of leaders through Startup Dojo.

  • 00:00:44 Introduction of Anjalee Narenthiran
  • 00:05:48 Startup Dojo
  • 00:12:29 Core of TechExplore and Startup Dojo
  • 00:20:07 Memorizing a song with 1500 characters over a random 1500 character strain
  • 00:23:39 End of discussion

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