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Ep. 8: Neil Wainwright, CEO of UpHabit

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

Neil Wainwright is a serial entrepreneur who has built over 8 successful startups over the past three decades. Currently, he is the CEO and Founder of UpHabit, as well as an Associate at the Rotman Creative Destruction Lab, and a Peerscale Board Member. His current company, UpHabit, is a new mobile-first venture that is helping people develop, build and nurture deeper personal relationships.

Tune in to hear Neil’s biggest takeaways from his eight startups, his advice on how to minimize stress as a founder, and everything else about entrepreneurship!

Want one-on-one advice from Neil? Book a time on his calendar:

  • 00:00:30 Introduction of Neil Wainwright
  • 00:05:45 How his Engineering background helped him in entrepreneurship
  • 00:07:03 Biggest lessons he has come across
  • 00:07:59 When is the right time to let go?
  • 00:09:28 Change in approach to leadership and entrepreneurship
  • 00:11:15 Times when he buckled down
  • 00:15:24 Current projects he’s working on
  • 00:20:01 How Covid has impacted his work
  • 00:22:07 How does Working From Home impact people?
  • 00:24:28 How has the concept of the business developed over the years?
  • 00:26:37 Pursuing many ventures over the decades
  • 00:28:45 Co-founders of his ventures
  • 00:32:51 End of discussion

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