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Ep. 3: Ken Nickerson, CEO of iBinary LLC

Hosted by Anjalee Narenthiren

From helping to bring Hotmail to Microsoft, to building Kobo, Ken Nickerson has done it all. Ken is currently the CEO of iBinary LLC. Formerly he spent a decade at Microsoft, five years at Rogers Communications, and several years in banking and insurance developing emergent systems. Ken is a founder, board member, or advisor to dTaz, i6, OmersV, CDL, Xanadu, HorizonIO. He was also previously involved with Flixel, Rthm, OpenCola, and Kobo. 

In this episode, Ken discusses his work with think-tanks, the long-term societal and economic impacts of COVID-19, how he is helping to move quantum computing forwards with Xanadu, and his predictions on how emerging technologies will move humanity forwards – and backward.

  • 00:00:01 Introduction of Ken Nickerson
  • 00:07:46 Think Tanks 
  • 00:11:25 How he spends time between the different organizations he’s part of
  • 00:21:57 How will Covid-19 impact world economies in the short and long term
  • 00:33:44 Opportunities for innovation amidst Covid-19
  • 00:57:35 What happens post-Covid?
  • 01:15:30 End of discussion

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